Alimony to a pregnant wife in marriage, is it possible and how to file for alimony for a pregnant woman
Family law establishes that a man may be required to pay money not only for the maintenance of his child, but also for the satisfaction ...
Contract for the sale of a room in a communal apartment (sample) 2023
Sample of a preliminary contract for the sale of real estate
Agreement for the sale of shares in an apartment two sellers one or two buyers (sample) 2023
home / Housing disputes / Agreement for the sale of shares in an apartment by two sellers, sale of an apartment by shares to several buyers.
State duty to reduce the amount of alimony 2023, how to calculate the state duty to the court to reduce alimony
State duty is a mandatory payment to the budget levied from citizens for legally significant actions in their favor.
Shared ownership of house and land: rights and obligations of owners
When an apartment has only one owner, then there is no ground for conflicts over who should pay for the maintenance of real estate and ...
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